Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered some great answers to your questions over the last several years and we are now providing the list for your informative needs.

Question:  “How much does screenprinting cost?”

Answer:  As each job is a little different from the last, including the varying cost of individual garments – I would suggest you take advantage of our QuikQuote app, by following this link.

Question:  “What do I need to provide?”

Answer:  You can provide each and every detail of the project, in extraordinary detail – or if you aren’t quite sure what you’d like, we can provide you with some creative solutions to your needs.  Our design team has an outstanding portfolio, with each project tied to a satisfied customer!

Question:  “Can you get a (color) (garment) in (size)?”

Answer:  We have many catalogs, filled from cover-to-cover with all of the products you need for your project, including: T-shirts, Hoodies, Polos, Hats, Bags, Jackets, Totes, Beanies, and have access to thousands of promotional items – cups, frisbees, notepads, pens, business cards, and much more!  Each item we carry comes in many different colors, and can be decorated with any colors you choose.  Give us a call if you would like more information, or use our QuikQuote app above!

Question:  “What is your turn-around time?”

Answer:  Our turn-around time will vary from project to project, but we are pushing for a standard 10 business-day transaction – from order to delivery!  There will be times when alterations to the schedule are necessary, including: back-ordered inventory, items not delivered to our office as ordered, shipping issues, or simply our workload will not allow for additional projects.  If the scheduled date of delivery is altered, the customer will be contacted – and advised of the altered date.

Question:  “How big can you print on a t-shirt?”

Answer:  How big do you want it?  : )  Our screenprinting team has been printing over-sized prints for several years now, and has the methods down pat.  Over-the-shoulder print?  No problem.  Seam-to-seam?  No problem.  Let us know your design/printing challenge, and we’ll get a solution for you that will have YOU asking questions like, “How did they do that?”  : )

Average print sizes by location:

Left Chest:  4″ wide by 4″ high

Full Front: 12″ wide by 12″ high

Full Back: 12″ wide by 16″ high

Pocket-print:  3″ wide by 3″ high

Shoulder:  3″ wide by (length of sleeve)

Question:  “Can you answer my question on the FAQ?”

Answer:  Yes!  Send us an email, or give us a call at 360-225-7771, and we’ll be adding more answers to your FAQ’s as needed!

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