[tabby title=”Excavation and Grading”]
From mass excavation covering acres of land, to private subdivisions of any size, our state-of-the-art operations fleet, equipped with GPS, and top notch equipment operators will accurately and precisely bring your site to the elevation you need. Our dirt crews thrive on large earth moving jobs and can achieve the results you want.

Our operations fleet of over 200 pieces of equipment ensures we have the right tool for any job, big or small. Our in-house modeling software allows us to keep track of the exact quantity of earth moved.

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[tabby title=”Utilities”]
Our expert pipe crews are ready to tackle any utility installation project. Our crews have installed hundreds of miles of storm drainage, sanitary sewer, water and irrigation piping. We are always up for a challenge. Throughout the years, we have mastered excavation conditions from boiling sand to solid rock.

We work closely with our partners in the shoring and dewatering industries to design trench safety systems that allow us to safely and efficiently work in the trenches. Our EMR safety record reflects how important safety is to our crews and their fellow employees. Working in a deep trench can be very dangerous and our teams make sure that all precautions are taken to keep each other safe and comply with all laws.

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[tabby title=”Transportation”]
We are always ready to build a top quality, multi-million dollar highway project. Along with our experienced crews, our expert project management ensures that all aspects of the job flow smoothly and consistently. The communication between Tapani Inc, our subcontracted partners and the project representative is continual and ensures a schedule that achieves all milestone tasks on time. Our project operations teams are always looking for ways to work with the owner to provide a more cost effective and better quality project.

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[tabby title=”Environmental”]
We are committed to performing our work with the least amount of impact on the environment. Our operations teams take extra pride in our work to help restore the environment with projects that have included streambed restoration, stream bank restoration, floodplain restoration and wetland mitigation sites. Our work on the Curtin Creek Enhancement Area was voted the APWA WA 2011 Project of the Year in the Environmental, Less than $5 million category.

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[tabby title=”Structural”]
Our talented carpenters and hard-working laborers are determined to produce the best quality product possible. Our focus on pre-planning helps our operations run smoothly and allows us to flex schedules as dictated by weather and other outside factors. Our projects range from large to small, and from complex to relatively simple. We have built million plus gallon storage tanks, fish hatcheries, water diversion structures, storm vaults, reservoirs, and have assisted with wastewater treatment plants

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