Job Description

Department:  Estimating
Reports to:  Lead Estimator

Tapani Inc believes all employees should maintain a positive working relationship with those they work with inside and outside of the company. This approach helps maintain employee morale, productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. We expect all employees to uphold our core values and vision and to continually focus on employee engagement, self-improvement, business innovation, and relationship development.

Job Purpose and Summary

The Estimator is responsible for the overall quality of the bids submitted by Tapani Inc. The Estimator is also responsible for creating a cost efficient plan to build the project, procuring pre bid quotes, and submitting professional competitive bids to clients on time.


  • Responsible for producing a quality bid
    • Ensure a thorough understanding of the project as a whole
    • Understand all specs, special requirements, plans and addendum on the project
    • Ensure project sufficiently solicited for all scopes associated with project
    • Understand and ensure DBE/apprentice requirements are fulfilled per bid
    • Ensure HCSS is utilized to build all costs associated with the project
    • Verify all takeoffs are completed accurately for the project
    • Review past data/cost history to assist the bid
    • Look for competitive bid advantages and explore value engineering ideas on projects bidding
    • Understand project tax requirements & bid accordingly
    • Identify the potential risks and opportunities on the jobs bidding and discuss them with the Department Lead and Lead Estimator
    • Keep detailed project notes on critical bid calculations/figures
  • Maintain professional relations
    • Communicate with subs and suppliers to secure a thorough understanding of the quotes provided
    • Communicate all project concerns with the project owner and engineer prior to bid
    • Provide cost efficient budgets for future work
    • Provide a positive Tapani Inc experience with every interaction
  • Responsible for maintaining clear communication with the team
    • Communicate project concerns with supervisor or project team
    • Collaborate with Project Managers, Superintendents on bid strategy as needed
    • Communicate takeoff quantities with Assistant Estimator
    • Communicate with Assistant Estimator all duties assigned to them including any changes to plans and specs
    • Communicate all aspects of bid with Project Manager once project awarded, review contract (especially scope and price) with project team, and assist project team through duration of project with any additional pricing as needed
    • Assist Estimating Admin with bid package assembly
  • Stay current on new laws, regulations that affect Tapani Inc
  • Find innovative solutions to difficult aspects of the project
  • Assist other Estimators with bids and innovative ideas
  • Understand the market current needs and trends
  • Work to refine estimating process
  • Always seek ways to learn and grow personally and professionally

Job Requirements and Qualifications

  • Ability to stay calm in complex situations. Each project we bid is unique and we are always working on a deadline.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with others both inside and outside the organization.
  • Understanding of Tapani Inc’s field operations
  • Have a curiosity to continuously learn
  • Ability to manage time to meet deadlines efficiently, willingness to do what it takes to meet the deadline
  • Understanding of soil characteristics and reading soil reports and bore logs
  • Developed math skills
  • Strong understanding of software and ability to learn new software
  • Strong HCSS skills
  • High school education
  • Typing, Word, Excel, Bluebeam, HCSS, Viewpoint, Planswift, etc.
  • 1+ years experience working as an estimator is preferred.

Working Environment

  • Mainly office work with occasional site visits.
  • Extensive computer work
  • When the bid schedule is heavy, it is expected of the Estimator to work long hours and put in the extra effort. Working hours are typically 45 hours per week and range between the hours of 7 am to 5 pm, with potential for evenings and weekends, depending on the workload. During peak estimating times when the bid schedule is heavy, 50 to 60 hours per week is not uncommon. Saturdays are worked occasionally as required.
  • Continuous repetitive motions of the hands/wrists, typing, hearing, sitting, and talking.
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