Job Description

Reports to: Foreman


The Laborer is responsible for implementing the day to day activities of the onsite project in accordance to the Foreman’s direction and schedule.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Responsible for Field Production
    • Communicate with Foreman to understand the plan for the day
    • Ensure all tools needed for the days’ work are ready and available
    • Duties can include:
      • Grade layout and grade checking
      • Spotter for equipment operators, trucks
      • Level earth to fine grade specifications
      • Build forms
      • Install pipe, manholes, catch basins
      • Demolish buildings
      • Shovel, rake, sweep
      • Concrete work
      • Painting and sealing
    • Assist with all tasks to ensure a quality project by Tapani Inc
  • Responsible for maintenance of the job site
    • Install, maintain erosion control
    • Ensure all small tools and equipment are utilized correctly, maintained and kept clean on job site
    • Clean up job sit e at end of every shift
  • Responsible for Site Safety
    • Ensure OSHA standards are adhered to
    • Understand the safety risk with each task and ensure proper safety methods are adhered to
    • Ensure all safety training is current
  • Responsible for upholding the Integrity of Tapani Inc
    • Ensure an atmosphere of team work and utilization of each crew members abilities
    • Maintain efficiency and quality throughout the project
    • Communicate to Foreman changes that reflect the best for the owner and Tapani Inc.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Bring concerns to the Foreman to assist with resolving issues quickly
  • Always seek ways to learn and grow personally and professionally

Knowledge and Skills Valued for a Laborer

  • Understanding of the operations and maintenance of all tools and equipment utilized on site
  • Ability to generate efficient methods quickly to resolve roadblocks
  • Ability to maintain a Tapani Inc culture: work with the best interest of Tapani Inc first, maintain a positive attitude, maintain a team atmosphere
  • Obtain certification in First Aid, CPR, Confined Space, Competent Person, Erosion and Sediment Control, Rigging and Signaling

Working Conditions

Working conditions for this position will be on project site. Employee must be reasonably physically able to perform job duties. Hours worked will be weather dependent along with schedule requirements. Summer time typically is longer hours and winter typically is shorter hours due to daylight. Work may require weekend work when project demands.

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