Project Manager

Job Description

Reports to: Department Lead


The Project Manager is responsible for the overall management and execution of the project from beginning to end.  The Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that the project is completed on time, on budget, and in accordance with the contract and in compliance with regulatory agency requirements. The Project Manager is primarily responsible for assisting on bids, creating the project budget and master schedule, and managing all subcontracts.  The Project Manager also ensures that proper project documentation is complete, and supports the Superintendent with the execution of the project.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Oversee the management and execution of the project from start to finish
    • Assist the Estimating team with developing an innovative and competitive bid
    • Understand and execute all subcontracts for the project
    • Create a project specific budget alongside the bid and ensure the financials are adhered to throughout the performance of the work
    • Oversee all DBE, apprentice, safety, erosion control, traffic control and other regulatory agency requirements
    • Foster and maintain long term relationships with clients, subcontractors, and suppliers
    • Take ownership in the crews and work to ensure that all crew members are kept working at all times and able to stay productive
    • Work with other project managers in the department to balance crew needs as necessary
    • Work to ensure that morale is high and a team atmosphere is present on the project
    • Price change orders on projects as needed
    • Create and maintain financial projections on all projects and attend projection meetings with the Department Lead and senior managers
  • Maintain clear communication throughout the project
    • Communicate with Estimating with all pre-bid budgeting
    • Communicate/meet with the client, subcontractors, and suppliers regarding contract execution, project schedule, budget, and issue resolution.
    • Maintain Tapani Inc. integrity and work to maintain positive relationships  with each interaction with subs, suppliers, and clients
    • Communicate with the Superintendent regarding budget and schedule updates
    • Communicate with Department Lead on project issues that arise with large financial impacts or potential to deteriorate relationships
    • Update the Department Lead on project progress periodically
    • Communicate with Assistant Project Manager and provide direction and assistance to obtain proper documentation and data for the project
  • Responsible for working in harmony with the Superintendent
    • Daily communication with the Superintendent
    • Provide the Superintendent with pertinent project information including production results, schedule, and project financials
    • Communicate any project changes to the Superintendent
    • Assist Superintendent with conceptualizing efficient methods to lower costs while maintaining project quality
    • Ensure Superintendents receive guidance and training to benefit their desired personal career growth along with the growth of the company
  • Responsible for managing the Assistant Project Manager (APM)
    • Regulate task load of APM
    • Ensure APM receives proper training and follows Tapani Inc. procedures to ensure that quality and consistency are maintained
    • Provide yearly performance reviews for APMs

Additional Responsibilities

  • Always look for opportunities to better educate oneself, APMs, Estimators and Superintendents for the betterment of the individual and for the betterment of the company.

Knowledge and Skills Valued for a Project Manager

  • Ability to understand team members talents to create a cohesive team and to challenge them to improve and develop their abilities
  • Letter writing skills
  • Ability to set and meet goals for self and team
  • Ability to promote a Tapani Inc. team atmosphere and lead team building activities for the teams
  • Ability to negotiate changes while maintaining interests of both parties and preserving long-term relationships
  • Ability to understand the overview of the project and be able to break down the project into logical work sequences
  • Take personal and professional pride in every aspect of the project
  • As much field experience as possible
  • Understand soil properties, groundwater, and reading bore logs
  • Estimating experience
  • Basic HCSS knowledge at a minimum
  • Understand Primavera P6 and scheduling theory
  • Competent understanding of Viewpoint and the ability to continually work to utilize the Viewpoint software to maximum potential
  • High school education

Working Conditions

The working environment for this position will be mainly in the office with occasional site visits. Working hours are typically 40 hours per week and range between the hours of 7am to 5pm, with rare exceptions for evenings and weekends.

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