Structures Superintendent

Job Description

Department: Operations – Concrete
Reports to: Structures Lead

Tapani Inc believes all employees should maintain a positive working relationship with those they work with inside and outside of the company. This approach helps maintain employee morale, productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. We expect all employees to uphold our core values and vision and to continually focus on employee engagement, self-improvement, business innovation, and relationship development.

Job Purpose and Summary

  • The Superintendent is responsible for the quality and safe construction of a project from beginning to end in accordance with the plans and specifications required. The Superintendent is responsible for managing the onsite Foreman to ensure the overall schedule is being adhered to and for efficiently scheduling the subs and suppliers. The Superintendent is responsible for ensuring that communication between the project office and field is seamless, the project stays on budget, and provides all necessary support to the Foremen so they can most effectively complete their jobs.


  • Oversee the quality and completion of the onsite Project from start to finish
    • Assist the Project Manager in creating a project specific schedule alongside the bid for the entire project.
    • Maintain an in-depth 3 week schedule to assist the Foremen in creating day to day plan
    • Attend weekly project meetings
    • Coordinate necessary manpower and equipment
    • Coordinate subcontractors and suppliers
    • Make budgetary recommendations.
  • Maintain clear communication throughout the Project
    • Communicate with PM all matters regarding project financials, change orders, billings, projections
    • Communicate with Foremen about all day to day activities and onsite happenings.
    • Communicate with subs and suppliers all scheduling and ordering
    • Communicate with the Project Owner all necessary updates, project approach, change orders. Ensure that the integrity of Tapani Inc is maintained at all times
    • Communicate with the owners representatives on  all project changes
    • Provide constructive feedback on project results to the estimating department with details of things that went well and identify challenges.
  • Responsible for the success of the Foremen
    • Daily communication with the Foremen
    • Verify that quantities are being accurately documented daily as work is completed
    • Verify that proper cost coding is strictly adhered to on all project timecards and daily reports
    • Empower the Foremen and provide support and assistance with daily planning, scheduling, crew management, while maintaining accountability of the Foremen
    • Ensure Foremen receive guidance and training to benefit their personal career growth along with the growth of the company
  • Responsible for supervising multiple foreman and crews, up to 30 employees at a time.
    • Provide daily work direction and responsibilities.
    • Approve absences and overtime.
    • Recommendations and/or approval regarding hiring, terminations, pay changes or job changes.
    • Always look for opportunities to better educate any crew member for the benefit of their growth and development
  • Responsible for Site Safety and compliance with regulatory agencies
    • Ensure Foremen has proper safety training and knowledge of OSHA regulations
    • Assist Foreman with Crew safety training
    • Ensure that Erosion Control standards are met

Job Requirements and Qualifications

  • High School Education or Equivalent
  • 5-8 years of previous experience as a foreman, laborer, and operator in the same line of work
  • Valid Driver’s License and Forklift certification.
  • Continuous decision making skills, training/supervising, mentoring.
  • Frequent interpersonal skills, presentations/teaching, customer service, perform basic Math, and independent judgment and/or independent action.
  • Occasional use of discretion, problem analysis, negotiation, and create documents, spreadsheets and other related materials.
  • Understanding of operations and maintenance needed for all the equipment being utilized on the project
  • Ability to envision the project path from start to finish, build a schedule needed to complete the work in the allowed time frame, implement the plan and have a backup plan ready to implement if the first plan falls through
  • Understanding of productivity and project financials
  • Ability to provide Value Engineering and sell it to the client
  • Ability to get along with inspectors, crew members, and clients with difficult personalities
  • Ability to negotiate changes while maintaining the best interests of both parties
  • Ability to delegate work efficiently along with providing the necessary training to ensure quality
  • Ability to promote a Tapani Team atmosphere and lead team building activities for the teams
  • Take personal and professional pride in every aspect of the project
  • Recurring work situations with occasional variations from the norm.
  • Job involves a high degree of complexity.
  • Operate Independently – minimal supervision.
  • Contacts are normally made with others both inside and outside the organization.
  • Contacts are usually with own department and own supervisor.
  • Contacts frequently contain confidential/sensitive information.
  • Take personal and professional pride in every aspect of the project

Working Environment

  • Working conditions for this position will be mainly on project site.
  • Continuous talking, hearing and listening.
  • Frequent standing, walking and sitting.
  • Occasional repetitive motions of feet, hands/wrists and typing.
  • Ability to lift and carry 1-10 lbs.
  • Hours worked will be weather dependent along with schedule requirements. Summer time typically is longer hours and winter typically is shorter hours due to daylight.
  • Work may require weekend work when project demands.
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