Traffic Control Supervisor (TCS)

Job Description

Reports to: Traffic Control Manager


The Traffic Control Supervisor is responsible for the quality of the onsite traffic control operations on a job site. The Traffic Control Supervisor has due authority over all on-site employees, contractors and subs performing work within the public right of way

Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide the project with complete Traffic Control
    • Create and implement an approved Traffic Control Plan
    • Work with Traffic Control Manager to schedule Flaggers for the project
    • Ensure all administrative work is completed and submitted in a timely manner
  • Maintain equipment utilized
    • Inspect and clean all equipment (arrow/message boards, signs, cones, candles, barrels) used on site. Communicate with Traffic Control Manager if any items need repaired or replaced
    • Keep all company trucks clean
    • Maintain a professional appearance will all equipment utilized
  • Maintain clear communication
    • Communicate with project Superintendent, Foreman to understand traffic control needs and discuss traffic control strategy
    • Communicate traffic control strategy to Traffic Control Manager
    • Communicate any personnel concerns to Traffic Control Manager
    • Communicate with all inspectors regarding traffic/pedestrian control

Additional Responsibilities

  • Promote Tapani Inc culture
  • Provide any training necessary to Flaggers to provide better service and professional appearance
  • Promote growth and development of Flaggers

Certifications Required for a Traffic Control Supervisor (TCS)

  • Washington State TCS Certification
  • Washington Flagger Certification
  • Completed First Aid/ CPR Training

Knowledge and Skills Valued for a Traffic Control Supervisor (TCS)

  • Ability to lead with a positive attitude
  • Ability to create a plan and adjust quickly as the need arises
  • Maintain organization
  • Ability to promote a team environment on the job site

Working Conditions

Working conditions for this position will be mainly field work. Hours can vary depending on the needs of the project.  Common hours range from 7am to 5pm with longer hours, night and weekend work necessary during the busy season or as project needs arise.

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