Purpose & Values

We Build What Matters

Our Mission is to have a Constructive Impact on our Employees, Clients and Communities.

The critical infrastructure that connects our communities
Parks and Schools
Where children learn and play
Office Buildings
Where people work and power our economy
Water Systems
Providing water to communities and the agriculture industry
Wastewater Systems
Providing infrastructure to handle and treat stormwater and sewage
Housing Developments
Where people live and raise their families
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Our Values

Strong teams


We represent ourselves and Tapani well by being organized, reliable, respectful, and keeping our work areas clean and orderly.


We have the skills and abilities to get the job done, and get it done right, through our experience and our resources.


We are “The Name You Can Trust” because we do what’s right over what’s easy.


We love what we do, approach situations with an energetic can-do attitude, and thrive on being part of the industry.


We are one team, Team Tapani. We respect everybody and every position equally.

Successful Projects


We perform every task we do in a safe manner so we can all return home each night.


We take the time to do it right and take pride in our workmanship. Our work is built to last.


We pre-plan, set clear goals, execute strong, strive to reduce waste, and focus on continuous improvement.


We are fully committed to the success of our clients, our company, our projects, our team, and ourselves.


We build strong, long term relationships.

Critical Success Factors

We evaluate our success alongside these factors:


Our employees must be continually challenged, supported 
and developed.


Our actions must strengthen and uphold our reputation.


The project must be considered a success by our client.

Trade Partners

The project must be considered a success by our subcontractors and suppliers.


Our decisions must provide long-term stability for our company and employees.