Tapani’s ultimate goal is to protect the health and safety of our employees, partners, and the public at all times while building critical infrastructure and buildings for our communities. 

We deeply care about our staff making it home safely every night to their families. As one of our core values and an integral part of our culture, we view safety as foundational in everything we do.

Experience Modification Rating (EMR)

An EMR is a number provided by insurance companies that indicates a company’s historical cost of injuries and future risk  chances. In the construction industry the average EMR rating is 1.0, with a rating higher than 1.0 indicating higher than  average rates of injuries and risks, and a rating lower than 1.0 indicating lower than average risks. Our current EMR rate  scores well below the industry average at .37, making us one of the top five leading construction companies in Safety Ratings out of 36,000 companies in Washington.

Tapani Experience Modification Rating

Industry Average = 1















Tapani's Safety Management

 We encourage our teams to continuously integrate and maintain safety as a foundational practice in everything we do. Our management system is structured to thoroughly understand and eliminate jobsite hazards, prevent incidents through proactive prevention plans, provide continuous education and easily-integrated safety habits for our employees, and provide the physical, mental, and emotional health support needed for our employees to thrive.


Safety Management & Resources

  • 100% Dedicated Safety Management Team with In-house Safety Inspectors
  • Freely Provided & Well-Maintained PPE Gear
  • Tapani App with Safety Tab Featuring Easily Accessible Safety Guides for In-Field Use
  • Employee Health and Wellness Program
  • Employee Assistance Program


In-Depth Training

  • On-Boarding Safety Training 
  • Position-Specific Training 
  • Monthly and Annual Trainings
  • Training at Tapani’s Training Facility


Jobsite Safety Implementation

  • Job Hazard Analysis Reports on Every Project
  • Daily “Stretch & Flex” for All Crews Prior to Work
  • Daily Pre-Task Plans 
  • Task Hazard Analysis Plans


Safety Evaluations & Rewards

  • In-House Safety Officers perform 1600+ Job Walks per Year, coordinate OSHA Audits,Fill out Job Hazard Analysis Reports, Review Near Miss Reports, Facilitate Root Cause Analysis Reports, and function as Incident Responders
  • Monthly Safety Committee Meeting with Company-Wide Representation
  • Employee & Team Safety Awards: Coffee & Donuts, Company Barbeque Truck, Gift Cards, Etc. 


Continuous Improvement Focus

Tapani is committed to a continually grow and improve our safety program and culture! 

  • Company-Wide Monday Morning Safety Communications
  • Accident Prevention Program Updates: Easily Accessible Resource for Field Teams
  • Working with Oregon OSHA SHARP Alliance
  • Adding to and updating our Safety Program and Department as Needed