Committed to Safety

Going home each day the same way you came to work is Tapani's goal. The company is committed to keeping all employees in the safest workplace environment possible, to achieving a high level of safety culture, and to being the safest company to work for in the Pacific Northwest.

Education & Training

A focus on field presence, communication, and robust safety standards and procedures makes Tapani a leader in the safety/risk field. Each one of its projects starts with a comprehensive Job Hazard Analysis which is communicated by management down to all levels of field employees. Every day on the job site begins with a Pre-Task Plan Checklist prepared for crews which outlines job safety hazards, project controls, and a plan for the day. Weekly Monday morning Toolbox Safety Meetings cover a variety of safety and health topics applicable to the industry. Tapani documents every incident in the workplace and follows up its investigations. The follow up provides the company with the necessary information to track and trend Tapani's strong points and make improvements in its programs.  Tapani incorporates an incident review board and progressive discipline process which has been instrumental in maintaining the company's high standards for employee and public safety on job sites at all times.

Drug-Free Workplace

Tapani incorporates a zero-tolerance substance abuse policy that prohibits any substance or drug that is illegal under state or federal law. Tapani utilizes state agencies in Washington and Oregon for yearly on-site consultation visits to job sites which help Tapani improve and excel in safety and accident prevention.

Safe Performance Reward System

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Tapani also believes that its employees should be rewarded for safe performance at both a group and individual level. Tapani has implemented and successfully maintains Safety Incentive Programs that reward the individual, as well as the group as a whole.

Injury Reduction

Tapani utilizes third party administrators to help track, trend and follow through with injuries that happen in the workplace. As a member of the SMART Dream Team retro-program since 2009, Tapani has consistently been rewarded yearly retro refund checks for injury reduction performance in the workplace and proactive return to work practices. This retro program has proven to be among the top refund producing programs in the State of Washington averaging an annual return percentage of 45-50%.

Return-to-Work Program

Tapani's goal is to return employees to work as soon as possible after an injury. The company has an early return-to-work program which includes various light duty jobs and a kept-on-salary program. Tapani's efforts to return employees to work quickly has kept insurance costs down, and has resulted in an experience modification rate at a level that is above standard in the industry.

Tapani believes it would be a superior candidate for a project team and a valuable partner contributing to the safe, successful completion of a project.

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