Project Delivery

We perform several services for our customers to make their projects successful, regardless of the project delivery method.

Our Project Delivery Process accounts for the fact that a tremendous amount of work and planning are required prior to beginning a project.

Our Project Delivery Process includes Feasibility Support, Preconstruction Services, and a variety of project delivery methods to best suit each client and project’s needs.

Feasibility Support

During the conceptual stage of a project, our team provides our clients with a high level of support to make sure the project is viable. Our experience enables our team to provide an accurate and detailed evaluation of schedule, cost, and constructability constraints.

  • Conceptual cost estimates to determine whether the project is financially feasible
  • Constructability reviews to identify challenges and ensure that the project can be constructed efficiently
  • Building and site analysis to discover limiting site conditions and opportunities
  • Insight into scheduling including estimated duration, optimal season to build, and crew availability for construction

Preconstruction Services

Once the project moves beyond feasibility, our team begins preconstruction. We collaborate with our clients and the project design team to develop a comprehensive, integrated plan to help our clients meet their cost, constructibility, and schedule goals.

  • Cost estimating during all stages of the design phase
  • Constructibility review to ensure that the design selections for the project are feasible and are within the client’s budget and schedule
  • Identify challenges and provide solutions to mitigate potential risks
  • Building schedules and identifying key project milestones
  • Evaluation of soil types and conditions through excavation of test pits
  • Partnering meetings to make sure our team understands the goals of the client and the project
  • Collaborating with key trade partners to provide their expertise early in the process
  • Specification validation
  • Value engineering collaboration with the design team to ensure the client achieves their functional goal of the project while minimizing costs and maximizing value

Project Delivery Methods

The Partnering Approach

We partner with our clients on every project to provide them with the best experience and successful project. With a partnering approach, our focus is on understanding the needs of the client and defining project success as meeting those needs. This makes it possible to become a trusted partner to our clients and establish a long term, win-win relationship based on mutual trust and teamwork. The partnering values we strive to embody include trust, character, competence, fairness, open & honest communication, teamwork, and joint problem solving.


With the design-build project delivery method, Tapani holds the contract to design and build the project. We’ve found Design-build to be effective in reducing construction change orders and cost, while improving efficiency from project conception through occupancy. Design-build provides the owner with a single source for design and construction, cultivates a teamwork attitude between Tapani and the designer and thereby eliminates many of the conflicts that can arise between design and construction.

We’ve had success using the design-build delivery model with projects ranging from grading and utilities to structural concrete and new buildings. Design-build projects are dependent on the level of trust that is held among the partners. The higher the level of trust, the more successful the project.


With this method of project delivery, the owner starts the project by hiring a design team to design the project. Once the project design is complete, The owner then sends out the project for bid, and Tapani provides an estimate. If we are the successful bidder, we build the project.

Even though Design-Bid-Build doesn’t typically encourage contractor input on positive design changes, our level of care for the project is the same, and our commitment to a successful project remains unchanged. We still provide insight and suggestions to our clients to help make a project better, as it is our objective to be a partner and collaborate on every project.

Joint Venture

On larger projects with diverse scopes, the Joint Venture delivery method may be preferable. This project delivery method has some of the same advantages as the design – build method, but by pooling the resources and expertise of two or more larger companies, a strategic alliance is formed to deliver a better product in a shorter timeframe than the individual organizations would have been capable of.

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