Columbia Palisades Project Phase 1

Camas, WA

I want to thank you and your staff for their dedication and professionalism in making the first stage of the Columbia Palisades project a success. Tapani Inc. has been incredible to work with: their communication with ownership and unrelenting commitment to complete this project on time and on budget have exceeded our expectations. 

We appreciated the way Tapani approached decisions from an owner's perspective. Your staff helped us minimize additional costs that could have easily occurred with the unique challenges of reclaiming this former quarry site. One major challenge was the extensive rock located on site. Excavated rock was used for new roads and lots; crushed to make bedding, backfill, base rock and drain rock; and boulders were used for landscape features and retaining walls. 

Teamwork was critical to the project. During the utility design and install, Tapani worked with the design team and the City of Vancouver to ensure utilities were installed at the best value. This teamwork contributed to the high quality of the master plan's first stage. 

Tapani's ability to work hard, remain flexible, and to creatively approach challenges contributed to the project's positive outcome. I highly recommend Tapani to other project teams and clients. I look forward to working on future projects with Tapani. 

 - Ed Freeman, Owner, Columbia Palisades Corporation

Scappoose Industrial Airpark Taxiway B Relocation Project 

Scappoose, Oregon

I wanted to take this opportunity to commend your firm and team members for their outstanding work -thank you.The folks from Tapani that I worked with frequently throughout the project were all strong professionals, thorough communicators, and always displayed an admirable commitment to high quality and timeliness.. Anything that came up was promptly addressed, including inputs from the community that came to me directly. Creative problem-solving is clearly in Tapani's toolkit. Ultimately, the project came in under budget, ahead of schedule, and at a high level of quality that exceeded our expectations. 

I would add here that I also enjoyed working with your folks on a personal level -they're a positive, engaging group that clearly likes what they do. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to work with them again on another project at some point, should that come to pass. Thank you again for a job well done.

 - Craig Allison, Project Managers, Port of Columbia County

Briscoe-Desimone Levee Improvements, Reaches 1,2 &3

Kent, WA

I wish to express my gratitude for the work ethic and professionalism exemplified by your staff to create a partnering relationship with the City of Kent. The project included over 3,000' of approximately 50' bury steel sheet pile wall with concrete cap beam, concrete barrier curb and bike path on the Green River banks. The project faced difficult underground obstructions and late design adjustments that challenged both the City and Tapani Inc. This was not an easy project and we are not your typical owner. Tapani's sensitivity to our many needs and proactive problem solving was instrumental to the success of this project. 

 - Paul Kuehne, Construction Management Supervisor, Public Works Construction Engineering

Broadway Street Improvements Project

Estacada, Oregon

Now that the dust has settled, I wanted to thank you and your crew for your work on Broadway Street in Estacada. We are very happy with the completed project. It achieved all of the goals established for the project and presents a very welcoming image for the main commercial center in the City of Estacada. Our office very much appreciated the cooperation and extra efforts provided by Tapani throughout the project. We had a very tight time line and budget, and you were able to work within these constraints and achieve a very successful project.Thank you for your team effort and for accommodating all of the special requests from our office and the City. Our office would be happy to provide positive reference for Tapani, Inc. whenever needed. 

 - Curt McLeod, P.E., Curran-McLeod, Inc.

Alderwood Water & Wastewater District Project

Bothell, WA

On behalf of the Alderwood Water & Wastewater District, I wish to thank you and your staff for your partnership and professionalism in making our water main project (W1102C D-1) along 196th SE, Grannis Road, Harvest Road, and Filbert Drive a successful one. We appreciate your staff's ability to address any complaints received by the residents and travelling public. Especially appreciated was your staff's ability to address any challenges that were faced at these locations including heavy traffic, a deep water main, and the night work required in WSDOT right of way. Justin Massie, Jamey Radford, and Jarren Thoma's talent in coordinating the resources necessary for this project along with Blake Stocking, and Joan Bizjack's ability to oversee the crew members under their supervision was instrumental in the successful completion. Tapani's office and administrative staff were also key in the success. There are likely many Tapani staff to thank, so please extend our gratitude to others. 

 - Jeff Clarke, General Manager, Alderwood Water & Wastewater District

Hockinson High School Wetland Mitigation & Preload Project

Hockinson, WA

This letter is to serve as a Letter of Recommendation for Tapani Inc., who managed Phase I work for the Hockinson High School field development project. The developed area included wetland mitigation in highly sensitive soil materials. The Tapani team manned the job ten hours per day to beat the winter weather and provide an outstanding project for the School District. The company bid the project under a "hard bid" format, yet and we found it refreshing that they were extremely cooperative and never attempted to obtain unnecessary change order work. Furthermore, they often came up with ideas to reduce cost, and even address the local neighbors' concerns relative to the construction activity. In summary, Aeda Construction Management found Tapani's work exceptional and would highly recommend them as part of any earn. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me. 

 - Manuel Pereira, Owner, Aeda Construction Management Group

Hancock Creek & Calligan Creek Hydroelectric Projects

Snoqualmie Valley, WA

We are sending you this letter to acknowledge, commend and thank your crew for their outstanding work for Snohomish County PUD #1 at our Hancock and Calligan Creek Hydro Electric Projects. This work was performed in a very timely manner in spite of the unusually poor weather encountered during the month of July. It was also completed safely with zero accidents. Considering the tight quarters and heavy equipment, this is something special.

Your crew was quite simply outstanding and so was their work. Day in and day out, no matter what, they had a plan to go forward because of their foresight. They were not just one step ahead with their planning but consistently three or four steps ahead. Their attitude of "can do" was apparent and reflected by all of the crew. Your consistent willingness to take immediate action on our few requests and suggestions was also appreciated.

In, summary, you can be proud of your crew for taking a tough job and making it look easy. The design Engineer, when he saw the finished product for the first time said "It looks exactly like I drew it up!!" The King County Inspector, with 29 years of experience, commented "This is the right way that BMP's and erosion control are to be done". Your company is well served, not just with this crew only, but also with your other onsite employees.

 - Danny Miles, Principal Engineer, Snohomish County PUD

Vernon Sabin Alameda Sewer Rehab 

Portland, Oregon

I just received a very complimentary call from a neighbor on NE 23rd and Emerson who could not say enough good things about the contractor and the inspector on this project. He said that there is a great, professional crew out there working quickly and efficiently, doing everything they can to help people in the neighborhood get around. He could not even express how impressed he is with the work and the crews. 

I thought I would pass along this piece of great feedback! 

 - Becky Tillson, Bureau of Environmental Services, City of Portland

Benton City Irrigation District 

Benton City, WA

It has been our pleasure to work with Tapani, Inc., on two recent projects for the Benton Irrigation District, in Benton City, Washington. Tapani's staff was very professional and courteous to work with. They completed utility installations for water lines in an area around existing homes in a very efficient and thorough manner, paying close attention to the quality of work required. Tapani was also very courteous to property owners when dealing with the owner's concerns and needs. 

After working with Tapani on these recent projects, we would highly recommend the company. We look forward to the opportunity to work with Tapani, Inc., in the future. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at our office. 

 - Bret Moore, P.E., Anderson Perry and Associates, Inc.

54th Street Water Main Installation

Vancouver, WA

Big shout out to the boys at Tapani, Inc. They were working on a water line in the 4300 block of 54th Street. My nephew who is special needs connected with them. Most may have told him to shoo as he was bothering them but your team made him part of the crew. This means so much to myself and my family as Anthony won’t probably ever be in the working field with his problems. From day 1 they made him feel a part of the team. He even called me and told me they gave him the WHITE helmet “which makes him the boss with a lot of responsibility.” One Thursday they told him they wouldn’t be working on Friday so if he could watch over the equipment and call them (they provided 2 phone numbers) if someone was messing with it. He literally checked the equipment every 5 minutes 🙂 On the last day, they waited for him to come out to the bus and gave him a shirt. This made his day and ours too. Please pass this on to the boys and anyone who could give them a pat on the back.

 - Shonna Shepherd, Neighbor

Klickitat River Floodplain Restoration Project

Klickitat, WA

I had the great pleasure of working with Tapani Inc. on phase four of the Klickitat River Floodplain Restoration Project (Haul Road).  Their capacity, professionalism, and skill were outstanding. The project involved a 30% paper design with an emphasis on fit-in-the-field and design-build  decisions. Project constraints included ESA-listed fish, a narrow corridor confined by geology  and/or property boundaries, and needing to maintain water clarity during a record fall Chinook  run. Working conditions ranged from Industrial Fire Protection Level 3 to the wettest September on record to bluebird conditions, to one of the more prolonged early-winter deep-freezes I’ve  experienced in Washington state. Through it all, Tapani’s operators demonstrated skill, made  good progress, and maintained a good attitude. Their leadership(superintendent, project manager, and foreman) were highly engaged, focused on owner-intended project outcomes, and  communicated extremely well.  In particular, I was impressed with:  

  • The pace of their work was the same when doing time-and-materials work as it was for  lump-sum  
  • The interest that their personnel took in project intent and vision and understanding of  goals and objectives through fit-in-the-field design and decision-making 
  • The ability of their operators to take direction, understand constraints, and develop a  logical and efficient work plan  
  • Quality of supervision and communication throughout their chain-of-command  

My background for making such an evaluation is based on 14 years of professional experience  designing and providing construction oversight for roughly 30-35 restoration construction  projects. The construction budgets for these projects has ranged from $30k to $500k and  involved working with at least 12 different companies. Tapani Inc. is the best  construction contractor I have worked with to date and I look forward to working with them again. 

 - Will Conley, Hydrologist / Geomorphologist

Tyrone S. Woods Memorial Park Project 

Oregon City, Oregon

Since mid-summer of 2020, when the park construction was started, you have been a very important and integral part of that arduous and challenging process. You have worked in the heat, the rain, the cold, and the mud, exerting all efforts to ensure that every aspect of the park’s construction reflects the highest quality of workmanship as you build a forever tribute to my son’s legacy. From erecting the flag pole so the two flags could fly to presenting me with the much appreciated gift “swag” bag, your thoughtfulness has been ever-present. It has been a great pleasure to meet some of you personally and visit with you. Please know that you have my enduring gratitude for all the muscle and respect you have added to this project and also for your collective construction spirit that honors Tyrone’s background as well as his courage and sacrifice. In my heart, I have a deep and abiding respect for those of you who are apart of a profession that is responsible for building this great county of ours. Your finger and footprints will always be a part of the Tyrone S. Woods Memorial Park. Thank you for helping make it happen! Never Quit. Never Forget.

 - Cheryl, Mother of Tyrone S. Woods

Kalama Falls Hatchery

Kalama, WA

I wanted to take the opportunity to commend your staff at Tapani for the outstanding work you completed on the Kalama Falls Hatchery Broodstock Modifications Phase 1.The work consisted of extending the existing concrete fish ladder, upgrading major water supply piping, a concrete water-distribution structure, 4 fiberglass circular ponds, an ecology block retaining wall, rearing pond headers and supply water lines, stormwater catch basin system, site work, fencing, a truck fill station, and electrical and mechanical work.

We faced several challenges in this project that we worked through by cooperating with and trusting each other. The first issue was when the area received record rainfall which caused some flooding at the site and closed access to and from the site for several days. The next major hurdle was when we encountered boulders in the area where we were driving sheet piles. Both of these issues could have resulted in long delays and costly change orders. By trusting that both of us would do the right thing, we were able to work out these issues with minimal delay and cost.

I enjoyed working with Tapani and look forward to completing future projects with your team. Please feel free to use me as a reference on future projects.

 - Mike Polodna, P.E., Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

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