Foreman I, II, III

Job Description

Department: Operations
Reports to: Superintendent

Tapani Inc. believes all employees should maintain a positive working relationship with those they work with inside and outside of the company. This approach helps maintain employee morale, productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. We expect all employees to uphold our core values and vision and to continually focus on employee engagement, self-improvement, business innovation, and relationship development.

Job Purpose and Summary

The Foreman is responsible for the management of the onsite crew(s) on a project. The Foreman will lead the crew by creating a daily and weekly plan alongside the Superintendent and communicate the daily requirements to the crew.  The Foreman is to ensure that all the crew members are properly trained for top performance.  The Foreman also assists the crew to assure that Tapani Inc. provides a quality product to the owner.


  • Planning and scheduling
  • Management and productions of the crew
  • Site safety and training
  • Administrative tracking
  • Upholding the integrity of Tapani Inc.

Level I

    • Ensure the crew has all the necessary tools to complete the required task
    • Communicate the process to the crew
    • Ensure OSHA standards are adhered to
    • Engage crew members to think safety with each task along with efficient results
    • Promote an atmosphere of teamwork and understanding of each crew members abilities
    • Schedule equipment repairs
    • Always seek ways to learn and grow personally and professionally

Level II

    • Communicate with the Superintendent to fully understand the path to the end result
    • Ensure the crew has a clear understanding of the project path
    • Communicate the weekly plan to the crew and on a daily basis ensure each crew member has a clear understanding of their responsibilities for the day
    • Ensure smooth coordination occurs
    • Track time and quantities and complete daily time cards and daily reports
    • Complete incident reports and take photos as necessary
    • Utilize the power of teamwork to create efficiency and quality throughout the project
    • Promote a learning and teaching environment amongst the crew

Level III

    • Break the schedule into weekly and daily tasks
    • Communicate all expectations in regards to quality standards, work behavior and attitude to all crew members
    • Follow Tapani Inc procedures with all disciplinary actions
    • Ensure proper training standards have been met before crew member engages in any activity
    • Ensure all required documents are completed and submitted in a timely manner
    • Ensure training documents are maintained and adhered to
    • Engage in proactive learning to ease communication flow between office and field
    • Communicate and coordinate changes that reflect the best for the owner and Tapani Inc.
    • Communicate respectfully and maintain a positive relationship with inspectors
    • Communicate professionally and respectfully with consultants, testing agencies, and officials from regulatory agencies
    • Ensure crew members receive guidance and training to benefit his personal career growth along with the growth of the company
    • Always look for opportunities to better educate any crew member for the benefit of his growth and development

Job Requirements and Qualifications

  • High school education or equivalent
  • Previous experience in all areas the Foreman oversees
  • Quality Control
  • Must be able to clearly articulate ideas and plans from thought to action
  • Read and create a plan of action from blue prints
  • Understanding of the operations and maintenance of all equipment utilized on site
  • Ability to generate efficient methods quickly to resolve roadblocks
  • Ability to foster Tapani Inc. culture: create strong, efficient teams, foster a positive attitude, create a fun environment to work at every day
  • Ability to recognize brewing conflicts and diffuse conflicts
  • Ability to recognize talents and utilize them correctly
  • Current certification in First Aid, CPR, CDL, Confined Space, Competent Person, Erosion and Sediment Control, Flagging Card, Rigging and Signaling
  • Ability to create a two-three week “look-ahead” schedule
  • Must have basic computer/technical skills and willing to learn new technology
  • Able to identify soil types
  • Be able to call in locates
  • Train, coach, and mentor their subordinates
  • Understand and incorporate standard construction practices, but still be able to think “outside the box” safely, with means and methods.
  • Honest, open, and friendly and have sound judgment
  • Ability to understand, decide, and change a project for positive progress
  • Familiar with varying municipal codes and construction practices
  • Physical ability to lift, push, pull, and carry heavy loads
  • Dress and conduct themselves in a professional and respectable manner

Working Environment

  • Working conditions for this position will be mainly on project site
  • Hours worked will be weather dependent along with schedule requirements. Summer time typically is longer hours and winter typically is shorter hours due to daylight. Work may require weekend work when project demands.
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