Briscoe Desimone Levee Improvements Reach 1

Located adjacent to the Green River in Kent, Washington, the Briscoe Desimone levee was upgraded as part of a flood-risk reduction project to improve public safety and protect the Kent Valley. Four sections (reaches) of the levees did not meet slope and stability requirements and needed repair to meet the accreditation requirements of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The repair consisted of the installation of structural sheet pile walls at the back of the existing levee slope to act as a secondary levee to reduce flood risk to the cities of Kent, Tukwila and Renton and protect the large number of warehouses, manufacturing facilities and retail establishments behind the levees.

This portion of the project addressed Reach 1 of the Briscoe Desimone Levee Improvements project, including the construction of 1,000 feet of a secondary levee floodwall landward of the Briscoe Levee consisting of driven sheet piles and reinforced concrete adjacent to the Green River between S.182nd Street and West Valley Highway. This project also included approximately 3,000 cubic yards of fill and 200 tons of asphalt pavement for parking lot reconstruction.


Seattle, WA


City of Kent, WA