EID: Fiberglass Reinforced Pipe

Spanning eight miles from the Columbia River Gorge into northeast Oregon’s Umatilla Basin – home to some of the state’s most productive farmlands, the East Irrigation Project decreased the strain on underground aquifers by providing farmers with a secondary water supply. The East Irrigation Project taps into the Columbia River east of Hermiston and runs approximately eight miles south to Despain Gulch, providing water to over 26,500 acres of farmland.

We managed all three of the East Project work contracts. Under the third and final contract, EID East Project – Fiberglass Reinforced Pipe, our crews completed the irrigation line, tying in the pipeline 3,600 LF from the Columbia River. To complete the irrigation line, crews installed over 42,500 LF of Fiberglass Reinforced Pipe, ranging from 66” – 75” in diameter. Of this, approximately 10,700 LF was 66” (Class 150); 22,500 LF was 72” (Class 150); 7,900 LF was 72” (Class 200); 1,500 LF was 72” (Class 250). Requiring placement in areas of extremely rocky ground, our team partnered with Fortis & Smith, blasting over 14,000 cubic-yards of material to make way for the irrigation line.


Hermiston, OR


East Improvement District