La Center Middle School

Tapani worked as the Civil Contractor to construct all site improvements and provide design-build services for a new sewer pump station for the School District’s new 55,000 square foot middle school. Civil site construction included the excavation, embankment, and import of 50,000 CY of material to balance and prepare the site for the 55,000 square foot building pad and 125,000 square foot parking lot. Working through winter months, our crews cement treated over 112,000 square feet of base and placed 9,600 tons of aggregate base. Partnered with Windsor Engineers and supplied by Whitney Equipment, our team also provided design-build input for the school’s sewer pump station. This included a re-design of a 72” wet well submersible pump station with Whitney’s design and products, which provided a cost savings of $80K to the owner while still providing the standard floats and controls, an auto transfer switch and backup generator, and a chemical odor control system. Additionally, crews constructed a pump station shelter/cover, concrete pad foundation, a control building/shelter, and 1,800 feet of new 6” HDPE force main that tied into both the gravity sewer system from the school and the City’s wastewater system. Lastly, our team worked with the City to provide them with proper training on pump station use.


La Center, WA


Robinson Construction