NSID Flume Replacement and Canal Improvements

The Naches-Selah Irrigation District is an 11,000-acre irrigation district located in northern Yakima County that serves over 1,700 landowners. This project involved replacing the existing wood flume and open dirt & concrete canal built between 1920 and 1956.

This project began with the demolition of 4,600 LF of the existing wood canal flume, which extended over eight massive wood flume trestles as high as 50 feet above the County road and canyon, and the demolition of 2,260 LF of existing concrete canal. These structures were replaced with 3,900 feet of concrete canal and 3,600 feet of 96-inch centrifugally cast, fiberglass-reinforced, polymer mortar (CCFRPM) pipe. The concrete canal sections include a welded polyethylene lining installed under the reinforced concrete canal.

Our crews began this winter construction project in November and finished the canal and pipework before the water started flowing April 1, when the growing season began.


Selah, WA


Naches-Selah Irrigation District