Salmon Creek Treatment Plant

The Salmon Creek Treatment Plant project expanded and updated CRWWD’s current wastewater treatment facility to accommodate expanding operations. A huge success on this project was our crews’ ability to successfully and safely construct the project while keeping daily operations of the plant running smoothly. Site improvements included grading, installing new storm, water, and sewer utilities, building a CMU oil storage building, installing prefabricated aluminum covers on primary clarifiers, constructing biotrickling towers for the process of odorous air, adding secondary launder covers and carbon towers. Crews also installed 8”-36” fiberglass large diameter air piping and different mechanical systems, such as a gas booster blower. New electrical systems were installed to control mechanical equipment such as a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive), MCC (motor control center), PLC (preferential location charges), and other control instruments.


Vancouver, WA


Clark Regional Wastewater District