Sunnyside MP 23.7 Reservoir

Located in Granger, Washington, the Sunnyside MP 23.7 Reservoir provides critical irrigation for the Sunnyside Irrigation District. A 24 acre earth dam built offstream of the Yakima River, construction of the 163 million gallon capacity irrigation reservoir included over one million cubic yards of excavation and embankment, 11,000 feet of underdrain system, and liner.

Faced with many unforeseen weather and material challenges, our crews worked to provide innovative solutions to ensure on schedule delivery. The majority of the 25 acre site exhibited a moisture content of 2% – far below the specification of 17%. To maintain the project schedule and work production rate of 15,000 cubic yards per day, our team developed a wetting process using over 65 gallons of water per cubic yard in conjunction with a settlement and absorption period. To maintain critical schedule milestones, we also increased crews and production hours – delivering both on schedule and budget.


Granger, WA


Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District