About Us

     Founded in 1983 on a shoestring budget and a $3,000 loan, Tapani Underground, Inc opened for business. Owner Iner Tapani began operations with a backhoe, an old excavator and a strong work ethic. Tapani Underground, Inc installed residential septic systems, and any other work that could be done during the bleak economic climate of the mid-eighties. After several years of dawn till dusk work, the company experienced slow and steady growth.

     During the early years, Iner drove the company backhoe to the next jobsite followed by his wife (Beverly) in the family car with the hazard lights flashing. With this continued team work, Iner & Beverly have expanded their two-person operation into a multi-million dollar business with over 450 employees.

     In 1985, Tapani Underground, Inc was the successful low bidder for a Hazel Dell Sewer District public works job. This was the first public works project by Tapani Underground, Inc. Because Iner’s background was in this type of work, these jobs were ideal for the small company. A breakthrough project done for the City of Battle Ground was completed near the end of the eighties, enabling Tapani Underground, Inc to position itself for the conservative management of company resources that has been handed down to the second generations of ownership today.

     Many of Tapani’s employees that started in the early eighties are here to share their wisdom and knowledge with the next generation. These employees include Iner and Beverly’s own sons and daughters and even grandchildren. The family orientated background of Tapani Underground, Inc is evident in the successive generations of current employees. Our employees have made us who we are today!

     Over the last several years, the company has grown considerably. This growth has been welcomed and controlled. With Tapani’s scope of work expanding to more areas of the construction field, the family changed the business name from Tapani Underground, Inc to Tapani, Inc. Iner and Beverly have now handed the baton to the sons. The sons are ready to take Tapani, Inc into the future. As our projects become larger and more complex, Tapani, Inc rises to the challenges and recognizes the endless opportunities these projects bring.

     With the first, second and third generations working together, we have a strong heritage and a promising future…