Recent Project:

Ramsey Rail Improvements

Rail improvements to the Ramsey Yard and Second Slough Lead for the Port of Portland are a substantial new rail infrastructure investment. The improvements set the stage for improved rail service for local business and port facilities, and for the railroads that serve them.

The work included over 25,000 track feet of grading, sub-ballast, and ballast placement for staged railroad construction in the Rivergate Industrial District. To complete the project, the following items were also constructed: yard track liner, reinforced concrete storm sewer piping, larger diameter manholes, connections to existing storm sewers, stormwater treatment vaults, electrical distribution equipment, railyard lighting, compressed air system, fencing, and other appurtenances.

Very tight tolerances on the subgrade and sub-ballast finish grade and top of rail for this project required careful observation of elevation checks. This project also required a lot of coordination with Port tenants, Port of Portland, BNSF and Union Pacific in order to complete the work with minimal impacts to freight traffic. Because the project was in an environmentally sensitive area, strict erosion control was necessary. Also, access was difficult due to not knowing when the trains were going to be on the tracks.

To ensure worker safety for all work performed within 25 feet of the centerline of the track, Tapani developed a Roadway Worker Protection/On Track Safety Program. Tapani complied with all other railroad training and security requirements, as well as worked with BNSF flagging services to ensure worker safety for the duration of the project. In addition to participating in the Port of Portland’s Site Waste Recycling Program, Tapani was also able to meet the project’s small business participation goal on the project.

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