Recent Project:

West Vancouver Freight Access

The West Vancouver Freight Access Project 16: Schedule Two Rail Access Design Package 2B is part of a larger program to construct a pile-supported concrete structure for the construction and operation of a south lead track to service the Port of Vancouver.

Construction activities for this phase of the project included: track construction soldier pile walls, sheet pile walls, fencing, utility modifications, paving, striping, private stormwater, pedestrian bridge, and grading. In addition to this work, Tapani also designed a bypass system for a sanitary sewer line belonging to the City of Vancouver. It was imperative that the sewer line be kept operational, so an elaborate bypass/pump system that could handle up to 12.5 MGD was employed. In addition, a 16” steel casing had to be bored underneath railroad tracks.

Part of the construction improvements took place on the Fort Vancouver Plywood site which is under a restrictive covenant. The site was covered by two caps. Contaminants of concern in the soil under the capped areas included diesel-weight petroleum, hydrocarbons, and lead. Prior to any work in this area, Tapani provided a Contaminated Health and Safety Plan, along with proof of hazardous waste training, to the Port of Vancouver. A Decontamination Plan was also required. Tapani worked with the Port of Vancouver environmental staff to complete the necessary waste profile with Waste Management in Hillsboro, Ore., and approximately 5,000 tons of contaminated material was disposed of from the project site.

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