Tapani Inc. has constructed industrial projects for Ports and their tenants for many years. From constructing large pervious parking lots for the offloading of cars and trucks to building the foundations for industrial buildings to the construction of railroads, industrial work has been a major part of the company.

Tapani’s extensive experience allows it to place specialty aggregate within extremely high tolerances so that the product will retain its structural durability for years to come. The company has become adept at ensuring that owners and their tenants can continue to run their operations smoothly and efficiently during construction.

Through planning and scheduling, Tapani project managers have the experience to know how to ensure that projects are completed on time. This is imperative for most industrial projects, as most of the project deadlines are implemented to keep the owner’s operations growing and running smoothly in order to maintain profitability. If deadlines get tighter, Tapani will add the necessary manpower and equipment to make sure the project is completed on time. Tighter deadlines can happen on many industrial projects due to the fact that unforeseen obstacles can occur, especially when excavating or performing underground utility work.

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